Due to its sustainable and protective nature polycarbonate took a substantial place in the world market as one of the most used materials in various areas of our daily life.
In many developed countries, the farmers have the opportunity to grow almost all agricultural products organically, while obtaining their products with an environmentally friendly method thanks to higher efficiency and less waste in greenhouses. In order to use innovative and advanced technology applications more effectively in agriculture, there is the opportunity to grow healthy, safe, nutritious, delicious and reasonably priced products by heating, natural cooling and sunbathing systems.

Polycarbonate has increased its existing value in protecting the products against external factors and increasing efficiency in agriculture. While greenhouses enable the cultivation of products with modern methods, they have also gained a strategic importance in terms of protective and healthy nutrition against dangers in today’s conditions (Such as Covid 19).
Solid Polycarbonate as a protective, enduring and sustainable material used in many industries such as agriculture, construction, automotive, lighting, home tools which supplies us with various products in our daily lives such as bottles, storage containers, home appliances, roofing, sound barriers etc. Additionally, polycarbonate has found a further area in our lives and has become a very popular in form of protective facial masks or barriers in order to ensure the distance and avoid contact with the viruses not only in the health sector but also in our daily interaction points such as shopping.